Transitional Recovery Housing is paramount to a persons recovery.  Lend A Hand Services is proud to assist individuals needing affordable Recovery Housing.  The services provided below are only some of the ways you will be assisted in Lend
A Hand Recovery Housing:

  • Reduced move in fees $500/month for rent (Average $2,000 for rent, deposit and utilities)
  • Case Management Services
  • Help with food
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Assistance with med Compliance
  • Mental Health Agency coordination
  • Releases form Hospital
  • Furnished
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Roommate Matches
  • Drug Free
  • Payee Service Coordination


Rooms rent for $500 and include all utilities.  We offer both shared and private rooms.  Our staff would be happy to assist you in fulfilling your housing needs! Contact:

Paul: 614-778-3295


Andrew: 614-599-5891

Download an application: Transitional Recovery Home Application

Need Help?

Are you or someone you know currently dealing with an addiction?  You are not in this alone!  Contact us to see how we can assist you today.

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